Portals of Potency

by Allie Middleton




The seed bears its fruit after a long wait on the vine.  


And now it’s as if we are like schools of fish, with all the scales necessary to release an alchemy of changing tunes.  


Yes, we’re in the time of inner harmony, as the outer breaks away. 

Fogs becoming fugues; notes dropping us in and out of tune… 


We ask, Is it time or space dropping away?” 


I remain, listening. 





Dead and dying now, a spine undone, undulating in space, fluid and spiralling through all ports of call, we wonder and we wander. 


It’s not a question of if we know how to swim…  


(we spin nonetheless amidst the waves, the light, the wind, the fires….) 


We ask again, where have you been and where are you planning to go now?” 


And….for the sake of finding what? What were you seeking…? 





No, no the plants and planets say, stay here with us; stay rooted even as you fly. 


And the fish swim by, shedding scales, revealing to our naked eye, 

a tuning – a turning – into the new time. 







Bodies dancing through sacred portals, asking, 


What, who, when, where?”,  


We all cry, No one saw this coming.” 








Submerged now in the emptying of becoming, all wet behind the years,  


we sit, not knowing, listening to the songs of birds who have long told us of this time 

and the great potency unfolding 


on the vine. 





The end time is upon us, the eerie music of icebergs calving. 


As the ice melts,  we learn to swim again in the mystery of a new birth,  

portals opening at every breath and . 


a mighty ‘yes!’ resounds, 

fresh water springs forth for healing, welcoming new songs of truth.  





And we begin again. 


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