Conversations & Presentations

Retreat to Spirit Mentorship Circle

Guest Speaker

Creativity In Healthcare

Guest Speaker

Allie was a guest speaker on Dr. Matthew J. Taylor’s podcast Creativity in Healthcare.

Camphill Research Symposium

Allie Middleton, East-West Leadership Coaching

Implementing a federally Mandated Person-Centered Planning Program: A View from Mental Health Services in New York State

Team Coaching

Movement Conversations for Profound Change.

Presentation to CREA

Inspiring Ourselves & Others

Allie Middleton, Integrative Leadership Practices

Presentation to Department of Transportation, Albany, NY.

Policy Research Associates Podcast:

Intellectual Wellbeing

Policy Research Associates is committed to the well-being and wellness of individuals with behavioral health conditions. To help spread information about the importance of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness in recovery, we created a podcast series to address each pillar of wellness.

This podcast features Allie Middleton, Founder and Principal of Integrative Leadership Practices. Allie is a leadership development coach and organizational team consultant, facilitating innovative body-mind practices. In this discussion, she talks with two individuals, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, Missy Stancil, the Regional Director of Carenet Counseling Central Region, and Dr. Jana Spalding of Setup4Success, LLC, about the value of intellectual wellness in recovery and overall well-being. The three talk about a hero’s journey, a universal storytelling approach, and how it can be used to empower individuals with behavioral health conditions.

Mindful Awareness Practices

CREA 2013

Deeper body-mind practices to inspire insight and access to new levels of Creativity, Awareness and Action.

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