Homage to Pythagoras

by Allie Middleton

If our particulars create a shape
as we listen to the music of the spheres
what magic streams through?

Is it me, is it thee, is it we, or is it something quite else….

Where did we ever get this notion of existence?

we must enter the dance of forever…


About Allie


Author & Poet
Founder / Partner
Integrative Leadership Practices

Cultivating Awareness, Creativity & Action:

  • Contemplative inquiry: grounded in meditation and movement
  • Embodying creativity: a Presencing approach to living, learning, working and loving
  • Strategic facilitation: coaching, training and grounded in conscious group dialogue
  • Thought catalyst: mentor to emerging and seasoned leaders

An experienced somatic coach and creative facilitator/teacher with a local and global clientele, Allie is a poet who loves offering embodied learning experiences following the Theory U process, Social Presencing Theatre and ancient yoga and energy medicine practices. Allie has been meditating and practicing yoga for over 45 years, ever grateful for growing up in an extended family immersed in the wisdom traditions.

Strongly committed to creativity and contemplative inquiry in her work as a conscious change-maker, Allie enjoyed a long career as an inside start-up team developer and innovative leader in business, museums & libraries and behavioral healthcare systems. An early consultant to Kripalu’s Institute for Extraordinary Living, she continues to mentor leaders for individual and systems transformation.

Allie migrated from NYC north to the Hudson River Valley healing and listening with the land for 20 years of rural homesteading.  She has enjoyed an abundance of global work travel, including wilderness training for corporate teams undergoing hostile takeovers. She landed and found love in Albany NY in the late 1990’s, currently serving as an indigenous learning advocate and Board Member in a regional land trust.

Allie’s passion is ‘hosting the invisible’, helping others sense into and welcome the emerging magic of being connected to the ‘all and everything.’ Through gentle mindful movements and deep energy awareness practices, Allie mirrors our connection to our heart’s true nature in each and every moment. Experience  your gifts moving forward and into successful strategic actions with embodiment practices and mindfulness activities.  Truly, your spirit will feel nourished alive  by Allie’s well of inspiration, experience.  She is a catalyst for conscious collective innovation.

Full Moon

Always here
Never fully present
Passing for the evermore

– Allie Middleton
March 2021

photo credit – David Hykes


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