New Poetry

Moon Moments

Poem by Allie Middleton

Animated by Denise Sob O Soul

Make Peace Time

Poem by Allie Middleton

Animated by Denise Sob O Soul

Before Time Stopped

Poem by Allie Middleton

Animated by Denise Sob O Soul

7 Pieces of Advice from Rumi

Poem by Allie Middleton

Animated by Denise Sob O Soul

Darshan to Humankind from the Divine Quality

Winged Star Seed Water Bearers


Remembering of course that our bodies feed our planet; our planet is our body and it is made up mostly of water. And this element of water is how we must free the consciousness of the reflections of all of creation even as we wander through all of the dimensions enfolding and unfolding us unto each other and onto our Self and also into freedom and emptiness.


The moon reflects the sun even when it’s hidden or traveling on its own axis… Our perceptual states can shift internally similar to the movements in the cosmos, represented by the planets, stars, moon & sun. To me, it feels like it’s now our job to create a new constellation to begin to mirror and match the consciousness that is arising in harmony with the all and everything… So our bodies can listen and remember the dance of creation, each moment, each breath as things shift & change. In flesh or not …. we are open, connected & present, to it all now … and we are together.

Pure Land poem

by Allie Middleton


Oh beloved heart, you ocean of dreams!

Your many rivers and streams wreck and ream my soul open.

I see you beyond the many scenes and I want no more than just to rest with thee.

Thy mountain top shivers and thy rivers are near, flowing hot into my soul.

Yet I still rebel, revering yet still reveling in the rippling shapes you make as we wander down into our hearts, listening as they still beat, even after the last sound has struck.


Oh waters of my heart, my blood, my sustenance!

Hound me, dance with me, oh precious jewel.

Light my way … oh, how I long for thee!


What is it that thou dost not hear from our hearts even as we stream and gleam our dreams outward and onward now …

Alas, with the blood of soldiers lost, oceans dying and babies mourning for their mother’s breast, what distress of this dying time even thus courses through our very veins, our earth’s rivers and her seas?


Streaming with tears I say, “listen, listen… listen again…”


and we hear, our stars still shining


“I am near, I am near!”

Poem from the porch of Kingshead cabin

by Allie Middleton


In our own way, we have been given sway, given space for the sacred waters to flow again.

Waters to care and comfort for all the angels who are singing again,

Listening and nurturing the welcoming water path again.

We carry and bear our water, our precious hearts

As we stream along and cry the stress away.


Now go!


So we now go merrily amidst palm and pine, sand and rock, the bejeweled dew on the path leading us forward …


Journeyers, travelers on the way…

Of course we remember the signs and symbols even as it remains dark.

Fairly, if not now merrily again, we wander and wonder and sway again,

as if our home finally welcomes us in to pray…again.


… Unearthing our soul home, shapes renewed,

clay upon clay, we play and dance anew. Singing Hallelujah on the Way…


Generative scribing by Geisa Paganini De Mio
Animation by Denise Sob O Sol

awakening MA

by Allie Middleton


The crows and other friends are calling out the sun this morning.


Moon waning now, Sun appears on our horizon,

regaling Earth with many strands of fresh light

shaping out like the interweavings of a spider’s web

caressed by the morning dew.


Dark is now dis-entangling, dismantling – yes, awakening to Something Else.


Spinning us apart now, yet somehow together again,

Earth’s old chained and unseemly embrace is finally loosening,

as if releasing from a last tussle with an old lover.


Somehow gravity’s pull is disengaging, undoing itself as new roots take hold in the new soil.


With help from volcanic offerings, celestial songs, we now open

toward more silent deaths and births,

stillness welcoming the eternal cacophony of shifts and change.


Yes, harmony swirling in now from the music of spheres, we pause as Space reveals herself,

now upside down, finally upended and emptied,

we shape our way into the New Zone,

hearts aflame;


I wonder, are we re-membering tomorrow?

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