Social Presencing Theater

We’ve been exploring moving & stillness with a variety of SPT modalities, recently including sound (Violin playing by Anthony) and as always, engaging in Kelvy’s Visual Presencing practices (Vivien, Artemis & Rowena) and SPT facilitation by all.

It’s been an amazing experiment of holding a welcoming co-initiation space so we might share the deep practices we love with others.

SPT is a theatre & meditation-based creative movement practice developed by Arawana Hayashi and the evolving Presencing Institute community.

SPT helps a system feel, see and sense itself and offers many creative mindfulness-based movement emerging dialogic reflection practices to open us fully toward embodying our emerging future, collectively and personally, engaging together in actions that help us all and our planet too.

It’s been so fun co-creating new holding spaces together.

We’ve been exploring stillness and listening practices from the three bodies; our personal body, the earth body and the social body.

These practice sessions have been an extraordinarily productive way to track how our attention follows energy, moving from a ME awareness to a WE awareness. Shifting the place from which we ‘operate’ ….. dancing with the elements, perhaps… ego to eco consciousness….

it’s been quite magical as well as quite productive to share these practices with session participants from all over the planet, mostly who had never heard of or practiced SPT before now.

It’s an honor to share Arawana’s life work and help seed new SPT potential in the field. So much is possible now! And, the prototyping process is a joy, Otto! Thank you!

what do we do?

Meditate, move together, connect with specific SPT practices. We share our experience together while engaging in SPT, the Theory U movements/processes/practices of Presencing, Sensing and Crystalizing.

Awareness-based change doesn’t happen by thinking about it, or wanting it, we must first experience it in our bodies, from the inside out, then perhaps we might learn something…and co-evolve and enact a new, perhaps more harmonious system.

It’s a true community of practice to sense learning, meaning and identify moving through us all with deep trust and joy. Sacred containers.

in groups, we land together in a shared generative awareness space that opens up to a collective field, a deep and often surprising felt sense of resonant connection to all that is in us and all around us. Right here on earth – at home, and on zoom, no less!

The harvest is learning shared embodiment practices that deepen awareness from a place we may not have paid much attention to, a place the ancient wisdom traditions planted in our bodies oh so long ago. So it feels like we might have a chance to become more human again as we learn to rest in being – together.  Now.

… following the energy from Nature and all she sings through us now during our corona (karuna) awakening time.

Grounded & Spacious awareness awaits for whatever else is coming, trusting we can emerge whole and with new life on earth. Together.

Appreciating here and now all the creative partners who stepped in to share our continuing journey of embodied life on earth and deep gratitude to our Embodiment Conference host, Mark Walsh, who with Sand Ra and Miriam van Groen helped me over the threshold to get the co-ordinants right for the SPT session to land so we can share SPT with others.